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Why should I use a Smart Glass?

Criteria for success

Hands Free is everything
The first question to consider when using Smart Glasses: Can I improve a business process by working hands-free. If the question is yes then you are ready for using Smart Glasses (but also for Voice & Light picking technology).
Augmented Reality
The camera on a Smart Glass can capture your working environment and smart software can enrich this reality. The result: a camera view, enriched with additional information is displayed on the screen, in front of your eyes.
Can Augmented Reality help you in a more effective & efficient execution of your business processes? If the question is yes, then this process is on its way to become a prime candidate for a Smart Glass application.
Cheap & Flexible
The purchase cost of a Smart Glass is cheaper then a high-end RF scanner, or a voice picking headset. And it offers much more value & flexibility. A Smart Glass solution with Augmented Reality can act as a virtual Pick to Light system, much cheaper and more flexible.
Simple Output processes
The User Interface of a Smart Glass is limited. A business process that does not require an intensive interaction between the user and the application are ideal candidates for a Smart Glass solution. A Smart Glass is not designed to do a lot of data entry. Remember, there is no keyboard available, hands-free is key!).
It is possible to do some data entry by voice or with gestures.
A business process where...
  • working hands-free is mandatory,
  • augmented reality increases the efficiency,
  • a cheap & flexible solution is required for a fast ROI,
  • the interaction with the end user is simple & clear.
... is a prime candidate for Smart Glasses.
What is your prime candidate business process? Let us know.
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