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Scanning 1D Barcodes

High Speed scanning with Smart Glasses

1D Barcodes are everywhere in logistic processes. The ability to read fast en accurate barcodes are mandatory for the automation of a logistic process. Smart Glasses use their camera to read barcodes. This works fine for 2D Barcodes, like QR Codes, but it gets more problematic for 1D Barcodes. Only under ideal light conditions, perfect printed barcodes and very close (between 10 to 30cm) is the reading fast en accurate.
But, in real-live situations you almost will never encounter such ideal conditions. With the current state of technology, Smart Glasses are not a good alternative from a handscanner.
Bet we found a perfect solution, where we can scan 1D barcodes very fast and handsfree. This solutions is already implemented at TNT Innight. Have a look at the video
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