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Do I really need to wear glasses?

Smart Glasses without glasses?
"People wearing glasses do everything not to wear glasses (contact lenses, eye laser treatments...) and people not wearing glasses do not to wear glasses". This is what I've learned after 2 years, and it is a big issue. How to convince someone to wear glasses everyday for 8 hours because he has to , but does not want to ? Well, this is mission impossible (but even in Mission Impossible the good guy always wins).
This is a big issue when you want to promote the use of Smart Glasses and nobody wants to wear glasses.
How to solve this?
Well very easy: do not use Glasses. We developed half a year ago our own head mounting units for the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and everybody loves it. It is such a simple idea, but had a really big impact. Suddenly, everybody wanted one.
What did we develop? Have a look at this movie and you can discover yourself one of the nice mounting units we developed. We call it smartcap....
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