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Comparing the Picking technologies

Order picking in warehouses is supported by different technologies (besides picking based on paper): voice picking, RF picking and Pick to Light (or a combination of those technologies)

  1. Voice Picking systems give audio instructions to the picker. The picker is wearing a headset with microphone and a small computer. The picker gets audio instructions from a WMS and confirms his actions by giving verbal commands
  2. RF (or scanning) Picking. The picker uses a barcode scanner to capture information and to communicate with a WMS. The WMS returns instructions, displayed on the barcode scanner. The picker then confirms a pick by scanning the product and entering the amount he picked.
  3. With Pick-to-Light, stock locations have light nodes or small screens and are connected to a Warehouse Management System. They light up and show the number of items to pick up. A picker can confirm the picking task by pressing a button
  4. smartpick (or Visual Picking) is an innovative alternative for picking. Here the picker wears smart glasses. The WMS sends instructions to the picker. The smart glass gives visual picking guiding instructions (based on Augmented Reality). The pick is confirmed by pressing a button on the smart glass, by making a specific gesture or by scanning a barcode from the picked object.

There is no ideal solution for order picking. It all depends on how the warehouse is organized. It depends on the nature of the business and the products being dispatched.

smartpick combines the best of the 3 technologies. smartpick is a flexible solutions and has almost no impact on the existing infrastructure and processes. It can co-exist with other solutions like pick to light.

smartpick is faster and cheaper then Voice Picking. The ROI is 0.6 year.

Comparison table of the different technologies

The table below gives an overview of the different methods of picking.

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