Order picking with a vision

  • Smartpick SDK

    Build and Implement your optimized hands-free workflows with Smartpick SDK


    Order picking was never made so easy & affordable. Guided by Augmented Reality, a picker works hands-free, fast and without errors


    • A fraction of the cost of Voice Picking or Pick/Put to Light solutions with the same performance

    • Flexible. You can change the layout of your distribution area when ever you want without any effort

    • No infrastructure requirements. A link to access your order data (from ERP or WMS system), a printer and a wireless internet connection is all you need. smartpick is a 100% wireless solution

    • Very easy to use. 15 minutes of training and your picking team is ready to start

    • Works very efficient in 'put' operations, like scanning & sorting high volumes of small packages

    • 25% more productive compare to paper-based or RF Scanning based picking


  • Operational Excellence

    An Return On Investment of less than 0.6 years


    smartpick has a lower investment cost then other hands-free picking solutions like Voice Picking and Pick to Light. The hardware cost, infrastructure cost and training costs are much lower and the solution is very flexible.


    A study, conducted by the VIL (Flemish institute for Logistics) confirms a 25% productivity increase and an ROI of 0.6 year. It is even more productive and cheaper then Voice Picking solutions. If a company must replace their existing Voice terminals, VIL advices to replace them with Vision Picking solutions (smartpick). See the press release


    Error reduction up to 60% compared with paper based picking, and an increase in productivity the same time.


    And one more thing: people love to work with it. On 3 different sites smartpick received a high rating in ease of use and ergonomy.

  • SMARTPICK at Work

    Some real live samples of smartpick

    smartpick made a complex replenishment process simple at Flos

    How smartpick works at TNT Innight

    smartpick at Bio Bakery De Trog

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    Sorting of Parcels

    Fast and error-free sorting based on visual Information projected on the ground.

    Brussels, Belgium


    We developed a visual hands-free solution for a parcel handler. The operator takes a parcel from a chutes, scans the parcel and the information where to drop the parcel is projected on the ground. We use projectors mounted on the cieling, and the information is projected on the ground.


    Bio Bakkerij De Trog

    Every day & night  50 sorts of bread are distributed for more then 150 customers

    Ieper, Belgium


    With smartpick we managed to reduce the error-rate with more then 60% and increased the productivity with more then 25%. The pickers work with less stress & less errors


    Fast sorting of small packages

    Simplify the sorting process of small packages: 30% productivity increase

    Mechelen, Belgium


    We provided a Smart Glass solutions, combined with a Bluetooth ringscanner to sort very fast small packages. The operator scans a package and the smartpick app shows in which bin to drop the package, all this in less then 3 seconds. 


    Read more in the press about their experience after 6 months of using smartsort

    Replenishment of small bins

    More then 30% productivity increase and less errors

    Eindhoven, Netherlands


    Operators sort packages containing technical components and fasteners into more then 50 different small bins. The operators are guided to the correct bin guided by augmented reality.


    Sorting of parcels

    Hands Free sorting of large parcels



    smartsort scans packages and show in which container to drop the package. Our solution replaces hand scanners and the operators have now their hands free to carry (heavy) parcels


    SIRRIS: Factory of the Future

    smartpick is showcased in the Factory of the Future Labo

    Diepenbeek, Belgium


    SIRRIS, the Collective Centre of the Belgian Technology Industry has selected smartpick as one of the innovative showcases in their Factory of the Future Lab. You can see order picking with smart glasses in action. By wearing the Smart Glasses you can experience how augmented reality works in an industrial environment.
    For more information: www.sirris.be and www.madedifferent.be


    pcdata: Distrib AR powered by smartpick

    Distriv AR is developed with the smartpick technology

    Kerkrade, Netherlands


    The lastest addition to pcdata product portfolio for paperless picking solution in the baking industry is the Distrib AR solution. With this solution, investment in IT infrastructure is reduced to an absolute minimum, while all benefits of implementing the Distrib paperless order picking solution, supported by visual indicators, are gained; labour reduction, increase in accuracy and increased visibility and control. This makes the solution extremely applicable to install in smaller operations or warehouses which demand greater flexibility (for example temporary locations or warehouses with a lot of fluctuating demand).


    You can find a nice movie about this

    For more information: www.pcdata.nl

    Sorting to truck at

    2 pilot apps developed for the production unit at Mechelen

    Mechelen, Belgium


    2 Smart Glass apps are developed for a pilot project at Continental.


    • an app that enables hands-free scanning of barcodes in different products
    • an app for the machine operators who receive on their Smart Glasses status messages of different production machines

    Replenishment of Kanban racks

    Reduce errors during the replenishment of Kanban racks at the production line

    Vorst, Belgium


    We developed and deployed a Smart Glass app that supports co-workers during the replenishment of Kanban racks. With Augmented Reality the operator is guided in selecting the correct products and putting them in the right place. Thanks to the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, this process of recognizing products and showing were to put the products works 100% hands free.



    Welcome to the blog! You can follow the latest evolution of smart pick

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